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As eleveurs our mission consists mainly in allowing each appellation to express its specific character. That is achieved through a number of operations.
Ullage consists in periodically filling up the barrels in order to make up for wine lost through evaporation and avoid any surface contact between wine and air which would result in chemical reactions likely to al ter what is in the barrel.

Racking eliminates deposits or Ices which build up at the lower part of the barrel, thus giving an increasingly limpid wine.

Limpidity is also increased by fining wine with egg albumin for red wines and filtration on clay for white wines.

A transparent wine will help you enjoy the most delicate nuances of its color. The eleveur also carries out analysis operations at regular intervals in order to check fermentations which slowly shape the wine. Once that is over wine is bottled in out cellars. When tasted a properly matured wine will give off arornas that are specific of its geographi- cal origin with some slight vanilla smell imparted to it by the oak of the barrel.

Ageing takes slowly place in the bottle so that after a time in relation with the original qualities of the wine it will bring it to its peak. 

For your greatest pleasure come to our Burgundy cellars and enjoy the local taste enhanced by the know-how of the eleveur and the subtle alchemy which takes place in the semi-darkness of our cellars.

Jean-Philippe MARCHAND is a wine merchant located rue Souvert in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertin. It is a family business created at the end of 1985.
As wine merchants we buy wine in barrels as soon as vinification is over and some grapes hand-picking from producers during harvest . Then our team, with the help of some wine-lovers among our friends, blind taste the wines offered to us. Those which are selected are bought and stored in our cellars where they will remain in oak barrels for about 18 months.

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